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09/26/05 » It's been 3 years, 5 months, and 23 days since I have updated these pages. And, 3 years, 5 months, and 23 days ago until whenever I lost interest and/or got lazy I used to scour the internet for any sort of Valis information, or multimedia of any kind. All I found was a few images, and a Fan made Valis PC Fighting game. It was interesting, but still in the early beta stages. I thought I saved it somewhere, but I guess It was lost back in the big hard drive crash of 2004. I have gotten a lot of emails. I archived them, people sent me all kinds of cool shit. I archived that too. Guess what happened to that? I lost those too. Well, it's my own fault for not backing up, and updating these pages sooner.

My apologies to all who's emails have gone unanswered. I either never got it (spam filtered by mistake?), or was too busy... However, I do love to get emails and now that my email is mostly useable again. Imagine that, email you can use!

Looks like I got some work to do to get these pages back up to speed. I got to start gathering up Info and Multimedia again. These pages need to be revised, cleaned, fixed... blah blah blah. :)

Valis: Legends of Fantasm Sword > forum
As I said before, I have been getting emails from Valis fans. A few started up a site called Valis: Legends of the Fantasm Sword. It's a Forum! Talk about Valis and how you fantasize about Yuko! I just signed up, but have not had any time to post there yet.

New Valis game!
Bandai networks corporation and Talnet Japan released a new Valis game for the "Vodafone live!" (a mobile phone in Japan) 525 ¥ to download for unlimited play! I wish I could play get my hands on this Valis title, or at least try it out. But, since it's only available for cell phones in Japan. I don't think that's going to happen any time soon. It's claimed to feature great graphics with scaling, rotation, sprite distortion, transparencies and nice animation. It's even got those great anime sequences featuring those girls... :) Game play is similar to Valis 2 (you run around killing baddies with your Valis sword and pick up power ups, sounds like good times!) Apparently there is a shop where you can buy sexy nurse costumes. (drool).

Out: 05.18.05
Size: 1.8 meg
Type: 256K appli (V6 series vodaphone)

That's all I got time for today. I intend to update the other pages when time permits!

What is Valis? ¬

Valis, The Legend of a Fantasm Soldier, is one of the coolest "old school" video game series ever; Anime style art, Girls with swords in battle armor, and cool music. What else could one want? Anyway, I got a lots of fun stuff here; Game Reviews, Roms, Pictures etc. If your a Vails fan, or just becoming one, I think you will enjoy these pages.

Some background on Valis ¬

"Valis" is hard to define, the easiest way to describe it is a sword with a mind. In case you have not figured it out yet, Valis the name of a video game. Full title: Valis Legend of a Fantasm Soldier this is only the title of the first game, as many others fallowed. The first Valis games came out on 8-bit machines like the MSX computer & Nintendo Famicom. Later released for 16-bit systems; PC Engine/Turbo Grafx, Mega Drive/Sega Genesis, and Super Famicom/Super Nintendo.

What kind of game is Valis? ¬
Valis is great 2D side scrolling platformer.. eg. Castlevaina, MegaMan etc. The game includes kick ass anime sequences, anime style graphics, and nice music (especially CD versions). I myself put my head down in shame when one plays a cart version when they could be playing the PCE CD/DUO version of it insted. But, thats the way it goes I guess.

Other Valis Stuff? ¬
There were rumors of a actual Valis Anime OVA out there somewhere. Unfortunately, I have been told by a number of people, that they have looked through anime release lists in Japan and have never seen it listed. So I guess those rumors where not true. I was told that there might be a few mangas out there somewhere... Interestingly enough, a guy once told me that there was all kinds of Valis related Art/Mangas in old Japanese MSX mag, but I never got any scans of those so who knows about that. It's not likely I will ever run across that magazine.

char VALIS
Interesting enough there is a book called Valis; V.A.L.I.S by Philp K Dick, you may be surprised it's also a video game! Ok, So I bought the book a few years ago intending to read it, but just never did. However I do know what it's about. It seems to have some strange similarities. I also thought I would note that there is a graphics program for the Mac called Valis. It this point I am confused as hell. Who made up the word "Valis?" It is not in any dictionary I have ever seen, so I am guessing everyone who has used the word just stole it from the book name because it's old.

If YOU have any Valis stuff Email me!

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